Air Con Regas / Repair

Fast & Affordable A/C recharge + repair

If you’re feeling the heat this summer, why not get your air-con regassed? Regassing your A/C replaces lost refrigerant so your air-con can start to cool properly again.

Why do I need to top up my car’s A/C

Over time, the refrigerant gas may escape from your car’s air conditioning system. The result is a loss of cooling & fuel economy (as the engine works harder to power the under-filled a/c system). Re-gassing or recharging your air conditioner replaces the lost refrigerant so the system works more efficiently and can acheive the cool temperatures you need in summer. We will also detect any problems with your A/C to make sure it cools effectively.


Symptoms of Underfilled Air Con

The main symptom that your a/c is low on refrigerant, naturally, is that is does not blow cold air, or air that is not as cold as you would like. Some cars automatically disable the air-conditioner when the refrigerant level drops to prevent damaging the air con unit. In this instance, it will no longer cool at all. It is also recommended that you refill your air con every 2 years to replace any refrigerant that has leaked from the system.

  • Warm air from air-con
  • Higher than normal fuel consumption
  • Warning light
  • Air Con not working
  • 2 year since last regas


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